930 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203 | (303) 839-5100


DazzleJazz is located at 930 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203, between 9th and 10th Avenue on Lincoln Street. We’re just five blocks south of downtown Denver, CO.

Parking options available for DazzleJazz include the following:

Westword parking lot on the corner of 10th and Broadway (after 6:00 PM)

For a fee, parking is available in the lot between 7th & 8th on lincoln

For a fee, parking is available in the lot at 10th and Grant

  • The parking facilities are all located within walking distance to DazzleJazz (one or two blocks) and are available to visiting patrons… after 6pm!

  • Street and metered parking is located around the immediate area. Meters only charge until 6:00 PM and are free on Sunday.

Public Transportation

The following buses stop in front of or very near DazzleJazz

9th and Lincoln
MyStop # 17783  Routes served- 0, 6, 79L, 83L

W 10th Ave & Broadway
MyStop #19407   Routes served- 16

Broadway & W 9th Ave
MyStop #12463   Routes served 0, 2X, 3L, 5X, 79L, 83L, 87X, 100X, 116X, CS, CV, CX, ES, EV, EX